A Warm Welcome from GSTNU to New International Students from Vietnam of 2019 2019/03/06 
University’s warm visit to international students ahead of Spring Festival 2019/02/09 
Semester Summary & Safety Education Seminar for International Students 2019/02/09 
International Teachers and Students Perform in Laibin Arts Celebration 2019/02/09 
International Student New Year’s Gala Party Held 2019/01/08 

Delegation from Thai Krirk UniversityWelcomed to Our University 2018/12/14 
International Students’ Self-Improvement Seminar Held in Our School 2018/11/12 
Two professors Assigned to Myanmarand and Oman for Educational Support 2018/11/07 
University Council Chair Guiying Chen led a delegation to visit American universities 2018/10/30 
Exchange Students Going to RAJAPRUK University of Thailand for Summer School 2018/08/20 

Delegation from Vietnam Phuong Dong University Received 2018/07/16 
Delegation Visits British Universities 2018/06/25 
International Students Graduation Party a Resounding Success 2018/06/22 
President Zhang Peng Leads a Delegation to Visit Japanese Universities 2018/06/18 
International Students Graduation Party a Resounding Success 2018/06/07 

Professor Qin Xiaoning Goes to Vietnam Ha Long University for Short-term Academic Exchange 2018/05/29 
Vietnamese College Students Come for Second Short-term Cultural Exchange Program 2018/05/29 
Our University Attends the 2018 Guangxi Education Exhibition 2018/05/23 
Student Recruitment Activities Held in Vietnam 2018/05/21 
Taipei Education Sports Delegation Visits Our University 2018/04/25 
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