Exchange Students Going to RAJAPRUK University of Thailand for Summer School
2018-08-20 14:30   审核人:

18 exchange teacher and students went to RAJAPRUK University of Thailand to participate in a two-week Thai language and cultural exchange program from 1stto 14th, August.This is the second time to organize our students to carry out Sino-Thai short-term exchange program during Chinese summer holiday, aiming at promoting language and cultural exchanges, enhancing friendship and broadening their horizons.With Thai teachers’careful guidance and strong support,the program has achieved great success.

Our students have learned Thai language and art,discovered Thai culture by their own experience and through Thai speaking, Thai writing, Thai dance, Thai music, Thai food making and other courses.By visiting Thai universities, Thai temples, cultural exhibition halls,our students have further broadened their horizons and improved their understanding of exotic cultures and intercultural communicative competence.

In the classroom, students dared to interact actively with the Thai teachers and students. Outside of the classroom, students wholly participated and made many friends. Not only did they gain knowledge, they also achieved international friendship by sharing and understanding differences, and by spreading Chinese language and Chinese culture.

This program not only provides our students with a good opportunity to exchange and study overseas, broaden their international horizons, and make international friendships, but also deepens the friendship and collaboration between our institute and RAJAPRUK University of Thailand.